Application Requirements and Materials

 Application Requirements

(1) Non-Chinese citizens, in good health:

Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport or verification of a foreign nationality at least 4 years, and with over 2 years living aboard records (9 months in a year living aboard can be considered as 1 year which is subject to the en-try & exit stamps) in recent 4 years (before April 30th of every academic year)

(2) Education and age requirements:

     a.Those applying for undergraduate study must be high school graduates with excellent grades, and not more than 25 years old;

     b.Those who are to study at master`s level must have a Bachelor`s degree with good grades and be under the age of 35;

     c.Those who are to study at doctoral level have a master’s degree and be under the age of 40.

(3) Language requirements for undergraduate program: 

     a. HSK4 (with a score of 222) or higher level for those applying for Chinese taught programs. 

     b. IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 75 points or more for non- native speakers of English choosing English taught programs.

Language requirements for graduate program:

     a. HSK5 (with a score of 180) or higher level for those applying for Chinese taught programs. 

     b.IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 80 points or more for non-native speakers of English choosing English taught programs. 

Application Materials

(1). Certified highest diploma, and transcript with an average of over 70%(should be notarized by related organizations)

(2). Copy of Passport,and soft copy of your passport photo with white background, photo size 480x720 

(3). CUPB Application form or CSC form (for applicants who are also applying for the CSC scholarship) 

(4). Two recommendation letters (Given by at least an associate professor for postgraduate applicants) 

(5). Study and research plan

(6). English or HSK Proficiency Certificates

(7). Physical Examination report (Health Certificate ) (laboratory reports must be attached) 

(8). Non-criminal record Certificate

(9). Acceptance letter from your supervisor (For postgraduate applicants only, mandatory for Ph.D , advisable for Master)

The students who under 18 years old need to find a guardian for their period of study in Beijing before they begin their studies, this person must be a resident of Beijing. They also need to provide the guardian document (should be notarized by the China Embassy in their own country)

Forms and Documents :

Note: Admission Materials should be submitted as follows:

Non degree applicants (No.1,2,3,7,8)

Bachelor program applicants (No.1,2,3,5,6,7,8) Master and Ph.D program applicants (No.1-9)