"Fire Safety Knowledge Lecture" Organized by the College of International Education

Time: 2020-11-25 15:08:41 | Click:64

In order to enhance the awareness of fire safety, improve the ability of self rescue and prevention and create a cultural atmosphere of fire safety, on November 21, 2020, Ma Xiaowei, the combat monitor of Yong'an Rescue Station, was invited to give a lecture on fire safety knowledge for teachers, students and property workers of our college.


Based on the fire cases, monitor Ma Xiaowei analyzed the causes of the fire in university dormitories, introduced the self rescue and escape methods after the fire, and popularized the precautions for teachers and students and property management staff according to the dormitory fire safety management regulations. In the free questioning session after the lecture, international students and property management staff combined with the fire safety problems that may occur in real life to ask questions to monitor Ma Xiaowei, who gave professional answers. After the lecture, all international students signed the letter of commitment on fire safety of international students of CUPB.

The "fire safety knowledge lecture hall" in Chinese and English created a fire safety cultural atmosphere of "prevention first and combination of prevention with elimination", which helped teachers and students of College International Education and property management staff to further enhance their fire safety awareness.

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