China University of Petroleum (Beijing) 11th campus triathlon competition registration opens in 2020

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I. Date and Place of Competition

1. Race time: 8:30 am, Saturday, 7 November 2020.

2. Venue: China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

II. Competition Methods

1. The Rules of Campus Triathlon (2018 edition) of Colleges and Universities are implemented (see Annex 1).

2. Group: Men's and women's

3. Events:



The total distance

Stage distance


Running& Bicycle motocross(BMX)



2 laps


Bicycle motocross


5 laps



2 laps



Roller   skating& Running


Roller skating

5 laps



3 laps



4. Competition Roadmap (Annex 2)

. Registration Qualification

1. College students, graduate students and international students who are officially registered in our school and whose personal health code is green and who are in good health on the registration day can sign up for the competition.

2. In order to ensure the safety and prevent the occurrence of sports accidents, students suffering from the following diseases cannot participate in this sports competition.

①Any heart disease.

②Have other chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis, hepatitis, kidney disease, endocrine diseases, etc.).

③Has had the viscera transplant.

④Postoperative recovery period.

 Diseases not included above that do not qualify for competitive sports.

3. Undergraduates, international students, preparatory students and graduate students shall form a team to participate in the competition. Each participant is limited to 1 item. There is no limit for each category.

4. BMX, roller skates, helmets, protective gear, etc. will be provided uniformly by the competition committee. Uniforms and sports shoes must be provided by yourself.

IV. Registration Method and Time

1.Deadline for registration: 11:00, Monday, November 2.

2.Application form will be sent to On-campus international student Wechat group. Please fill in the form correctly. Please provide the length of head circumference according to the measurement method of head circumference for BMX and for roller skating.

V. Result Rank Method

1. Individual score admission method and individual honor award selection method

(1) The individual result is the sum of the competition time of each stage + the time of change, and the one with less time wins the final result.

(2) The top 8 athletes will be admitted for each event, and the competition with less than 8 participants will be admitted according to the actual number of participants.

(3) "Iron Man Spirit Award", each college recommends one athlete.

VI. Incentive Measures

1. Certificate of Individual ranking and certificate of "Iron Man Spirit Award".

2. The College of International Education will give extra incentives to the top eight students in each category. All participants and the winning students will be awarded bonus points in the future award evaluation.

VII. Pre-match practice

In the pre-competition stage, in order to effectively improve the athletes' competition ability, the technical guidance of the Triathlon Association and the roller skating association is specially arranged for the athletes to provide guidance before the competition, including getting familiar with the track, adapting to the competition equipment (BMX, roller skates, helmets), getting familiar with the competition rules and so on.

1. Pre-competition training requirements:

Schedule: November 3rd - November 5th, 3:30-5:30 PM.

Venue: Hongqi Playground, BMX and roller skating route

Equipment collection place: Natatorium.

Collection method: take the bike/roller skates with your student ID card.


Students must wear helmets when riding the bicycle, and  must wear helmets and protective gear when skating.

After each training, the BMX and roller skates shall be handed over to the designated administrator;

Follow the arrangement of the technical instructor to glide and ride in the prescribed training venue.

If you find any violation during the practice, you will be disqualified.

There will be no adaptive venue link in this competition.

Annex 1 The Rules of the Campus Triathlon 附件1 高等学校校园铁人三项竞赛规则(2018版).doc

Annex 2 Competition roadmap 附件2 比赛路线图.docx

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