Established in April 2007, SICA for short, Students' International Communication Association is a student association
specialized in organizing activities of International communications. "In", namely the main body of the members of the
association are Chinese students, which are our backbone. "Outside", that is, the international students are the main
participants in taking part in the activities of our association and the service  s of our association; "Communication"
includes the theme of our association-promoting the integration of multiculturalism and aiming to build a good international
platform for us, students.

Main Departments

Publicity Department:

Mainly responsible for attracting students' attention before holding important activities by designing posters and operating
WeChat official account, it is an important window to show our association. With great profession and practicability, it conveys
the information and ideas of our association to the people. There is no doubt it is unique in our association especially in its
special functions.

Activity department:

Mainly responsible for the organization of the activities, proposing a perfect plan and reasonable arrangement, making a
considerate rule and to ensure the execution of an activity. It is not only the practitioner but also a participant which always
fights in the forefront of others. Besides, it is also responsible for internal coordination of the association, managing personal
information and the configuration of the staff. It is the core of our association.

Learning department:

It aims to promote communication and cooperation between Chinese and foreign students, carry out academic activities and
create a sound learning atmosphere. The activities mainly include the Chinese corner, one-to-one tutoring, reading salon and
others to promote communication between Chinese and foreign students.

Sports department

It is responsible for the organization of students' favorite sports and entertainment activities. For example, basketball games,
directional cross-country, fun sports meeting etc. We add all kinds of interesting and fun elements into the sports activities to
break the traditional form of sports. We are also the management center of the daily routine and the backup of other
departments' work.