Course selection notice for postgraduates Freshmen

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Making the postgraduate training program

  1. Development time of training program: 2020.9.23-2020.9.25.

  2. Students should agree with their supervisors on the individual training program, which includes the courses and practical links that students must complete in order to study for a degree.The supervisor should formulate the personal training program according to the students' personal development needs and on the premise of meeting the requirements of the discipline training program.

According to the training program made by the supervisor, the graduate students complete the course selection in this academic year. Please make it seriously. Except for special circumstances, once the training plan is formulated, it can not be modified in principle.

Postgraduate course selection

At present, the course selection system is closed. If any students want to continue to choose courses, please contact Mr. Blake and Mr. Li of 207 office. The deadline is September 25, 2020, 14:00.

International Student Management Office


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