CUPB International Students Attend the Opening Ceremony of 2020

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On the morning of September 20, the opening ceremony of 2020 freshmen of CUPB was held at the Hongqi playground. More than 40 international students attended the opening ceremony. Since then, their study and life in CUPB.


At the opening ceremony, Zhang Laibin, President of CUPB, first explained the general secretary Xi Jinping's reply to graduates from Karamay campus, conveying the spirit of encouraging college graduates to "never fear hardships and dangers and bear the responsibility of the times". Finally, they expressed their warm welcome to the new students of CUPB, hoping that all the freshmen could become the oil workers who could be the most important. Teachers, student representatives and freshmen representatives also addressed the ceremony.

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As a representative of international students, RAIB JABIR DUBAISH KHOBAITY JABIR, a Yemeni student from CUPB, spoke at the opening ceremony. In his speech, he explained why he chose CUPB and oil and gas field development engineering major, expressed his love for China, full of expectation for the life of CUPB, and his firm confidence in learning the major of oil and gas field development engineering and devoting himself to the petroleum cause.

Attached is the speech delivered by the Yemeni student of 2020 oil and gas field development engineering major at the opening ceremony of freshmen:

First of all, on behalf of all the new international students, please allow me to express my sincere thanks to CUPB. Thank you for providing us with a good platform for future learning and personal development.

I came to China after graduating from high school. I spent four years in Beijing as an undergraduate. To me, Beijing is like my second hometown.

With the dream of looking for oil, I grew up. After I came to China, I did not forget my original intention. In order to achieve the goal of learning petroleum engineering well, I had to attend many internships in addition to attending lectures in the classroom. I have been to the oil fields and practice bases in Renqiu, Lanzhou and Dongying. I have done geological practice in Zhoukoudian mountain area of Beijing. I have slept on the soil Kang with Chinese students in the countryside. I have hated wearing internship clothes in summer and being bitten by mosquitoes in the field. These seemingly hard times have become sweet memories of our "oil people". 

In the next four years, I hope to complete my doctoral study and research tasks, and learn more about China and China's oil industry.

For the future, I am full of expectations and believe that youth has unlimited possibilities. I hope each of us can explore our own way in CUPB.

Since then, their study and life in CUPB starts.

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