【Alumni Presentation 】Outstanding Graduate of 2020 -- Luc Yvan Nkok

Time: 2020-07-17 20:38:00 | Click:192


I am LUC YVAN NKOK from Cameroon, I first enrolled in CUPB in 2013 as an undergraduate majoring in Petroleum Engineering. After four years I successfully obtained my bachelor’s degree in petroleum. I immediately enrolled the coming fall as a master’s student majoring in Oil and Gas Engineering. During my graduate studies I had took 15 courses in total which I successfully completed in the first year. In the second year of the program I effectively started my research focusing in reservoir engineering precisely in enhanced oil recovery at the Unconventional Petroleum Research Institute. My research topic is “Simulation and Optimization of CO2 Huff and Puff in Hydraulic Fractured Tight Oil Reservoir”. 

In November 2018 my thesis proposal was approved. I completed the program with an average score of 85.9%. During the course of my studies I obtained “the Outstanding Graduates of the 2020 class”, “the excellent international student award 2019 and the excellent international student award 2018. I was awarded the Chinese Government scholarship in 2018. I also took part in extra-curricular activities such as seminar, sporting activities. I have had the privilege to attend an academic seminar on Advanced Phase Behavior and PVT properties of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids. during my long stay in CUPB I participated totally in six International Student Football Competition winning two times the championship. In 2016, my batch had the privilege to the take in the internship program at Karamay Oilfield, it was a tremendous experience, it offered me an insight of what I wanted to be in the future as a petroleum engineer. I have spent 7 years in CUPB and I have had the chance to interact with individuals from diverse part of the world and huge intellectual potential, I am grateful to have made such acquaintances along this whole journey. The learning process is very efficient with a great spirit of teamwork and cooperation; therefore, I am thankful to all my friends and classmates for the support they gave me in moments where I most needed them. I will also like to congratulate all graduates of the 2020 class, wish you all good luck for future endeavors. Long live CUPB, long live China.


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