Notice about the Spread of the Telecommunications Network Fraud Prevention Knowledge (III)

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Translation of the above content:

Eight Typical Examples of the Telecom Network Fraud  

(1) Someone claims that the public security organs are asking you to remit money,

(2) someone who asks you to remit money to a "secure account",

(3) someone informs you to receive a prize or subsidy, before which you should pay money in advance,  

(4) someone informs you that your "family members" have an accident and you need to remit money at first,

(5) someone asks you for bank card information and SMS verification code, 

(6) someone asks you to open the online banking and accept their inspection,

(7) someone claims to be your leaders (bosses) to ask for money,

(8) any strange website (link) which ask you to register your bank card information.


Please remember the “3 Don’t” about the prevention of the telecom network fraud :

Don’t trust, disclose your information, don’t remit.

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