Notice about the Spread of the Telecommunications Network Fraud Prevention Knowledge (II)

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Translation of the above content:

Enticing remittance fraud


“I am the landlord. I am not at home while on a business trip recently. Please remit some money directly to the bank account of XXX, the account name is XXX.”


ruse reveal:

The fraudster sent a large number of messages, saying: “My own bank card has been demagnetized. Please remit the money directly to my colleague's account. The account number is XXX.” As it happens, you are about to make a remittance. After receiving the information about this kind of remittance fraud, you may send the money directly to the fraudster’s bank account.


Abnormal trading fraud


“Hello, is this XXX? The payment for the XX you just bought has not been completed due to the abnormal network. Now I will send you a link, so that you can click in and pay again.”


ruse reveal:

The fraudster often says this trade of on-line shopping has a bit of problem. He generally takes the return or reconfirmation as a reason to ask the consumer to re-perform the specified operation. Sometimes they offer discounts to attract consumers, but instead of using official website channels or third-party payment platforms, they ask for direct payment or transfer, thus committing fraud.


Winning the lottery fraud


“Hello! You have been selected as the first prize by the XX column group. The prize is XX and the verification code is XX. Please login to a website to fill in the information and get the prize in time.”


ruse reveal:

The fraudster sent lottery information via SMS or the Internet. Once the victim contacts with the fraudster or visits the website to redeem the prize, he will be requested to remit money or directly asked to enter the bank account information on the website to redeem the prize with various reasons such as "transfer fee". The fraudster will defraud the owner of the withdrawal information, to achieve the purpose of fraud.


False ticket fraud


“Dear passenger XXX, how do you do? Your flight of XXXX has been cancelled due to mechanical failure. Upon receipt, please contact customer service: 400-xxxx to change or refund the ticket... ”


ruse reveal:

The fraudster obtained the accurate information of the main flight through illegal channels and sent SMS to the buyer of the ticket  that the flight was delayed or cancelled and the buyer needed to change or refund the ticket. Most people believed in the accuracy of the flight information and dialed back the number they provided, thus entering the fraud trap.


Criminal Investigation Team Of Beijing Public Security Bureau


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