Notice about the Spread of the Telecommunications Network Fraud Prevention Knowledge (I)

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Translation of the above content:


Impersonate public security, procuratorate, court personnel to cheat

"Hello, this is the XXX city Intermediate People's Court, you have not received the subpoena, here we are informing you by phone, please deal with it in time. Your account will be frozen."


ruse reveal:

The fraudsters in the name of the post office, court, etc. saying there is a subpoena to the victim for the reason of credit card arrears, and then the fraudsters will transfer the phone of the victim to the so-called "public security bureau". The fraudsters will say that the victim's information has been stolen, the account is suspected of money laundering, finally they will induce the victim to transfer the money into a "security account".


WeChat fraud by posing as an acquaintance

"Hi, bro, are you on-line? I am on a business trip out of town now in a hurry to use some money, but by alipay the money can't be immediately transferred to the account, please go to the ATM machine to transfer XX million yuan to me, the account is XXX, then I will transfer this amount to you immediately."


ruse reveal:

The fraudsters "cloned" the victim's friend by modifying his profile picture, nickname and signature. Even copy the other side's "circle of friends" content, so that it can almost pretend to be true, cheat the victim and then send the victim an urgent request for help to complete the fraud.


Fake base station fraud

"XX bank urgent notice: your mobile banking starts to be invalid today, please log in our website XXX to re-record verification immediately, otherwise the account will be invalid."


ruse reveal:

Under the name of Banks or operators such as 10086 and 95588, the fraudsters can use relevant devices to pretend to be the base stations of operators and forcibly send customer service messages containing false links to users' mobile phones. If the victims believe that they are really using their bank accounts and passwords to log in their so-called "official websites", all the money in their accounts will be transferred.


Telephone fraud by impersonating an acquaintance

"Hello, XX, come to my office at nine o'clock tomorrow morning, I have something to do with you, remember to bring two envelopes..."


ruse reveal:

When the fraudster dials the telephone, he will use very vague words, address, so that the victim will guess the identity of his identity. The fraudster may also buy information of the victim illegally, get the trust of the victim, then ask the victim for "help", using the warm heart of the  victim repeatedly successfully finish the fraud.


Beijing public security bureau is continuously carrying out a crackdown on telecom network fraud, if you find relevant clues, please timely dial 110 alarm phone, or through 12110 SMS alarm. At the same time, please be on the alert and protect yourselves from being cheated.


Criminal Investigation Team of Beijing Public Security Bureau

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