The Notice on the 4th “My Beautiful Encounter with China” Essay Competition and the Short-video Competition with the Same Theme

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Authorized by the Ministry of Education of China, the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges (CSCSE), will hold the 4th “My Beautiful Encounter with China” essay competition as well as a short-video competition with the same theme this year. With the hope of helping to enrich your experience in China and promote the cultural exchanges among international students from different parts of the world, we invite you to participate the above-mentioned exciting event.




International students in China, alumni graduated from Chinese universities, students and scholars from overseas sinology institutes.


Ways to Participate:


Participants may choose from either of the two forms (essay or short-video), or join both of them. Assessments of these two competitions are separate and independent.




We expect you to share your experiences and insights of the constantly developing and changing China, as well as the brand new life style, study mode and communication way shaped by new technology and new way of life. We hope to learn your touching stories, which reflect your ties with China and Chinese people.  

Essay: written Written in Chinese and the length should be around 1,000 Chinese characters.

Short-Video: 15-60 seconds per clip, in MP4 format.



June 29 2020 for essay competition; June 12, 2020 for short-video contest. 

Please send your works (Word file of the essay/ the original video) to

*For oversized videos, a BaiDuYun link is recommended.




All submitted essays will be reviewed by a professional panel. Outstanding essays will be published as a book, and some of them may be published in newspapers or magazines. Short videos will be assessed based on contents, quality, popularity and etc.Outstanding videos will be posted on our website and short-video apps. Winners of both competitions will receive rewards.


Looking forward to your participation!


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