Dali Yue

College of Geoscience



Geological Resources and Geological Engineering


Research Areas

  • Oil and gas field development geology

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  1. Internal structure model and formation mechanism of sandy braided river reservoir controlled by high-frequency datum cycle control project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 41872107), 2019-2022, person in charge;

  2. National Science and Technology Major Special Topic, Heterogeneous Characterization Study of Natural Fractures and Thick Reservoirs in Low Permeability and Ultra Low Permeability Reservoirs (2017ZX05013-002), 2017-2018, person in charge;

  3. Project of Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Branch, Geological Controlling Factors and Characterization Techniques of Flow Units in Fluvial Reservoirs, 2017-2018, person in charge;

  4. National Natural Science Youth Foundation of China, Research on the internal structure and remaining oil distribution model of composite meander zone reservoirs (40902035), 2010-2012, person in charge;

  5. Doctoral Program for New Teachers' Fund of the Ministry of Education, Research on Cognition and Model Fitting Methods of Alluvial Fan Reservoir Internal Structure (20090007120003), 2010-2012, person in charge.

  6. National Science and Technology Major Project, Delta Reservoir Internal Structure Characterization (2011ZX05011-001), 2011-2015, person in charge;

  7. Sub-project of National Science and Technology Major Project, Establishment and Application of Sedimentary Configuration Model of Fluvial Reservoir (2011ZX05024-001-04), 2011-2015

  8. National Science and Technology Major Special Topic, Fine Characterization and Modeling of Complex Reservoir Configurations, (2011ZX05009-003), 2011-2015, Research backbone;

  9. Sub-project of the National Science and Technology Major Project, Fine Characterization of the Internal Structure of the Quliuhe Reservoir (2008ZX05011 -003), 2008-2010, person in charge;

  10. Sub-project of the National Science and Technology Major Project, Study on the superposition model of sedimentary evolution and spatial distribution of fluvial reservoirs in the Bohai Sea (2008ZX05024-001-06), 2008-2010, person in charge;

  11. Project of Beijing PetroChina Ruisi Technology Development Co., Ltd., Research on Sedimentary Microfacies and Sandbody Structure in the West Zone of J-2C Layer of K Oilfield, 2015-2016, person in charge;

  12. Project of China Petroleum and Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Yumen Oilfield Branch, fine geological modeling of Laojunmiao M reservoir and research on remaining oil characteristics, 2015-2016, person in charge.

  13. Project of PetroChina Liaohe Oilfield Company, fan delta sedimentary sand body distribution and reservoir configuration, 2013-2014, person in charge;

  14. Project of Yumen Oilfield Branch of China National Petroleum Corporation, "Study on Laojunmiao L Reservoir Sandbody Structure" and "Fine Geological Modeling of Low Permeability Block Fractured Reservoirs and Residual Oil Distribution", 2014-2015 ,principal;

  15. Project of PetroChina Research Institute of Exploration and Development, Research on Reservoir Architecture and Interlayer Characterization of Sudan Fula North Oilfield, 2012-2013

  16. Project of PetroChina Liaohe Oilfield Company, Dujiatai Fine Reservoir Description and Secondary Development Deployment in Shuer District, 2011-2012, person in charge;

  17. Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Company Project, Research on Reservoir Structure Analysis Method of the Second Member of Shahejie Formation in Shenger District, 2007-2008, Person in Charge;

  18. National High-tech Research and Development Plan (863 plan), 3D modeling technology of reservoir internal configuration (2008AA06Z206), 2008-2010, second person in charge;

  19. National Science and Technology Major Project, Research on Complex Reservoir Configuration and Its Controlling Effect on Fluid Movement (2009ZX05009-003), 2009-2010, the second responsible person;

  20. Guided exploration project of State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Resources and Prospecting, study on structural characterization of fluvial reservoirs and distribution of remaining oil, 2008-2011, second person in charge;

  21. CNPC Science and Technology Development Project, 3D Geological Modeling of the Gaskule E31 Reservoir in Qaidam Basin, 2008-2009, the second responsible person;

  22. PetroChina Daqing Oilfield Company, Study on Sand Structures and Flow Units in the Western Channel of the Second North District, 2007-2008, the second person in charge;

  23. Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Company, Research on the Structure of Delta Sedimentary Reservoir in the 8th Member of the Second Member of Shahejie Formation in Shengtuo Oilfield, 2006-2008, the second person in charge;

  24. PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Company, description of reservoir structure and distribution law of remaining oil, 2010-2011, second person in charge;

  25. PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Company, Optimization of Geological Design Parameters of Horizontal Wells in Dagang Oilfield, 2008-2009, Second Person in Charge;

  26. PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company, Fine Anatomy of Alluvial Fan Reservoir Configuration in Liuzhong District of Karamay Oilfield, 2006-2008, the second person in charge;

  27. PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Company, Research on Sedimentary Microfacies and Three-dimensional Reservoir Geological Model of Gangxi Oilfield 2006-2007, the second responsible person;

  28. Research on high-precision sequence stratigraphy and reservoir structure of Shasan 2 + 3 reservoirs in PetroChina Jidong Oilfield Company, North and Central Area of Liuzan Oilfield, 2009-2010, ranking third.

  29. Beijing famous teacher talent training and co-construction project— "Oil Geology" course system reform and optimization, 2019-2020, project leader;

  30. Geological Resources and Geological Engineering (Master) Ph.D. Integrated Curriculum System Construction, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Key Postgraduate Education Reform Project, 2019-2020, Backbone;

  31. Construction of postgraduate courses for "Reservoir accumulation mechanism and exploration technology of different reservoir types in continental faulted basins", China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Key Graduate Education Reform Project, 2017-2019, project leader

  32. Optimization and Practice of Geological Graduate Course System, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Key Graduate Education Reform Project, 2016-2018, Project Leader (Completed Questions);

  33. Reform of the personnel training mechanism for industry-academia cooperation in resource exploration engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), 2016-2018, project leader;

  34. Construction of Off-School Talent Training Base by the Ministry of Education, Bohai Drilling Engineering Company, 2014-2016, Project Leader (Completed);

  35. Reform of the Teaching Method and Evaluation Method of "Oil Geology", China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Excellent Class Education Reform Project, 2015.1-2015.12, Project Leader (Completed)

  36. Adjustment and optimization of practical links in related courses of oil and geology, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Young Backbone Teacher Project, 2011-2013, Project Leader (Completed)

  37. Co-construction and optimization of "Reservoir Geological Analysis Software System" and "Reservoir Configuration Theory and Method" courses, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), 2010-2012, project leader (closed)

  38. One of the lecturers in the national excellent resource sharing course "Oil Geology", backbone, 2013;

  39. National Excellent Course "Oil Geology", one of the lecturers, backbone, 2010;

  40. Beijing Off-campus Talent Training Base, China National Petroleum Corporation Dagang Oilfield Branch, Backbone, 2010;

  41. Beijing Excellent Course "Oil Geology", Backbone, 2008.


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