Feiyu Wang

College of Geosciences



Geological Resources and Geological Engineering


Research Areas

  • Geological fluid

  • Basin thermal history and simulation

  • Reservoir geochemistry

  • Experimental geochemistry

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    Research Group Introduction 

  • Mainly engaged in research work in coal field geology and coal chemistry, oil and gas geology and geochemistry, organic petrology and fluid inclusions. As the project leader, he completed 4 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 10 national key scientific and technological projects, and national key Basic research and development plan (973 plan) project topics 2 projects, CNPC project topics 3, and a number of cooperation projects with CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC affiliates.

  • Published more than 100 academic papers in domestic and foreign journals, including more than 30 SCI and EI papers. He has won 2 first prizes for scientific and technological progress by the State Education Commission and PetroChina, and 3 second prizes at the provincial and ministerial levels.

  • In the past ten years, he has been mainly engaged in research work on source rock and hydrocarbon migration and accumulation, especially devoted to basin and oil and gas system simulation (BPSM) algorithm design and industrial application. He has established source rock heterogeneity evaluation technology and natural gas isotopes The dynamic algorithm and the prediction algorithm of oil and gas properties carry out historical analysis of oil and gas systems under a fine geological framework in multiple sedimentary basins in China, in an effort to provide new technologies for the optimization of exploration targets and the evaluation of oil and gas resources.


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