Qi Zhang

School of Economics and Management



Management Science and Engineering


Research Areas

  • Resources and Environmental Management and Policy

  • Energy Economy Finance and Policy

  • Big Data Analysis

  • Green finance

  • Financial Techechnology

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  Research Projects

  • General Program of National Science Foundation of China, Research on Chinese Electric Vehicle Market Diffusion Model and Boosting Policy Based on Consumers' Limited Rationality, No. 71974197, 2020.1-2023.12, Chair

  • The International Cooperation and Cultivation Project for Innovative Talents of the CSC, the Second Phase of the China-France Energy Economy Applied Talent Cultivation Project, 2019-2021, Chair

  • General Program of National Science Foundation of China, Research on PV Poverty Alleviation Performance Model Simulation and Policy Innovation in Crowdfunding Mode, No. 71774171, 2018.1-2021.12, Chair

  • National Development and Reform Commission, Research on major issues to promote the construction of natural gas production supply, storage and marketing system, 2018.8-2018.12, Chair

  • Beijing Social Science Fund Project, Beijing New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Recycling Mode Optimization and Policy Innovation Research, 2018.8-2020.6, Chair

  • The International Cooperation and Cultivation Project for Innovative Talents of the CSC, the first phase of the Sino-French Energy Economy Applied Talent Cultivation Project, 2016-2018, host

  • China National Petroleum Corporation Project, Research on China's Oil and Gas Industry Transformation with Multiple Objectives, 2018.11-2019.7, Chair

  • National Energy Administration Development Planning Project, 2030 Energy Production and Consumption Revolution Strategy Implementation Plan, 2016.9-2017.9, Chair

  • Project of China National Petroleum Corporation, development trend of the oil and gas industry before 2030, 2015.3-2016.3, Chair

  • Sub-project of the key project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, based on the geopolitical and national situation analysis of the countries along the route, research on the oil and gas cooperation strategy along the road and the belt, 2015.3-2015.12, Chair

  • China Scholarship Council International Talent Training Project for Innovative Talents, China-EU Energy Strategic Talent Training Project for International Cooperation, 2015-2017, Chair

  • Outstanding Talent Project of China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Research and Development of Comprehensive Model of Energy Development Strategy, 2013-2016, Chair

  • National Soft Science Research Plan, Research on the status of fossils in the world energy transition, 2014-2015, Chief researcher

  • Global-COE Project of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Energy Science in the Global Warming Age-Planning and Strategic Analysis of Zero-Carbon Electricity Energy Systems, 2008-2013, Host

  • Kansai Electric Power Project in Japan, Research on Planning, Management and Policy Strategy of Nuclear Power and Future Low-Carbon Smart Power System, 2011-2012, Chair

  • Japanese Ministry of Education Ministry of Education Scholarship for Postgraduate Course Studies, Research on Policy Strategy Analysis and Evaluation Methodology for Sustainable Development of Energy Systems, 2005-2008, Chair

  • China Guangdong Electric Power Group, China Advanced Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Technology Expert Evaluation Decision Support System, 2002-2005, Chhief researcher



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