Xinzhu Zheng

School of Economics and Management


Associate Professor

Management Science and Engineering

Research Areas

  • Energy, Environmentand Economic System Analysis

  • Resource Economics and Environmental Policy

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  Research Projects

  • 2018.9-2021.9, Scientific Research Project for Young Top Talents of China University of Petroleum 


  1. Xinzhu Zheng, Ranran Wang, Richard Wood, Can Wang, Edgar Hertwich*. High sensitivity of metal footprint to national GDP in part explained by capital formation. Nature Geoscience, 2018, 11: 269-273.

  2. Xinzhu Zheng, Can Wang*, Wenjia Cai, Matti Kummu, Olli Varis. The vulnerability of thermoelectric power generation to water scarcity in China: Current status and future scenarios for power planning and climate change. Applied Energy, 2016, 171: 444-455.

  3. Can Wang, Xinzhu Zheng, Wenjia Cai*, et al. Unexpected water impacts of energy-saving measures in the iron and steel sector: Tradeoffs or synergies? Applied Energy, 2017, 205: 1119-1127.

  4. Mukul Sanwal*, Xinzhu Zheng. China’s changing economy and emissions trajectory: following global trends. Climate Policy, 2018, 18: 36-41.