Lijing Zhu

School of Economics and Management


Associate Professor

Management Science and Engineering

zhulijingzone@163. com,

Research Areas

  • Energy Economy

  • Energy Policy 

  • Supply Chain Management 

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  Research Projects

  • National Science Foundation for Young Scientists of China, Project Name: Performance-Risk Comprehensive Evaluation and Policy Innovation Research of Electric Vehicle Charging Pile (Grant No. 71804188), 2019 / 01-2021 / 12, Status: Ongoing,Role: Chair,

  • Ministry of Education Youth Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences Research (15YJC630195),2015/09-2018/08, Status: Ongoing

  • Project Name: Developments and Innovations of Logistics and Supply Chain Management in China with Internet of Things (HX20180200),2018/05-2019/04,Status: Ongoing,Role: Chair