Lu Lin

School of Economics and Management


Associate Professor

Management Science and Engineering

Research Areas

  • Energy and Environmental System Analysis

  • Urban and Regional Studies 

  • Remote sensing and GIS applications 

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   Research Projects

  • Youth Fund for Humanities and Social Sciences Research of the Ministry of Education, 17YJCZH104, Evaluation of Regional Industry Transfer Resource Effects Considering Energy-Water Resources Coupling Relationship, 2018 / 01-2020 / 12, Status: Ongoing, Role: Host;

  • China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Top Talent Program Scientific Research Startup Fund, 2462015YJRC018, Water Footprint Study of Energy System Based on Life Cycle, 2015 / 08-2018 / 07, Status: Concluded, Role: host;

  • Special Fund for Strategic Environmental Assessment Theory, Technology and Practice Research of the Environmental Engineering Assessment Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Strategic Environmental Assessment Methodology System, 2017 / 03-2017 / 12, Status: Concluded, Role: chair;

  • National Youth Scientific Fund, 71871221, Evaluation method and application of sustainable and coordinated development of regional ecological environment based on remote sensing and GIS—Taking Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei as an example, 2019.01-2022.12, Status: Ongoing, Role: participating.


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