Zhijun Yin

College of Geosciences


Associate Professor

Geological Resources and Geological Engineering


Research Areas

  • Oil-Gas Field Development Geology

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    Research Group Introduction 

  • This research group mainly focuses on oil and gas field development geology, fine reservoir characterization, seismic reservoir prediction, and reservoir geological modeling, We welcome applicants interested in our research to apply.  


  1. YIN Zhi-jun, ZHANG Feng, ZOU Hua-yao,et al. 2007. Study on source rock potential and source rocks spatial distribution in the Manghan Faulted Sag, Kailu Basin. Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE A, 8(11)

  2. Yin Zhijun, Peng Shimi, Li Yunxiu et al.2006. Geological Model of Member 3 of Shahejie Formation Reservoir in Liuzan Oilfield, Eastern Hebei Province. Petroleum Geoscience ,No.23(2)

  3. 尹志军,田世清,杨志彬等.2009.内蒙二连盆地赛汉塔拉凹陷下白垩统层序地层及有利成藏条件.古地理学报,11(3)

  4. 尹志军等.2010.影响别古庄油田京11断块开发效果的地质因素耦合作用研究 油气地质与采收率 17(6)

  5. 尹志军,鲁国永,邹翔等.2006. 陆相储层非均质性及其对油藏采收率的影响.石油与天然气地质,27(1)


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