Strengthening Academic Supervision and Early Academic Warning for Postgraduate Students Before Graduation

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At 3:30 pm on December 31, 2019, a meeting for all the postgraduate students was held in the International Exchange Center Conference hall 306. The theme of the meeting was "Strengthening Academic Supervision and Early Academic Warning for Postgraduate Students Before Graduation". The college leaders including the dean Prof. Yongxue Zhang and the vice dean Ms. Xiaoqing Liu, staff, and over 150 postgraduate students attended the meeting.


The meeting consisted of three main areas to summarize the academic and general performance of postgraduate students in 2019. First, Mr. Andrew reported on the statistics of this academic year’s graduating class and made clear requirements and suggestions for students whose credits did not meet the requirements for degree application and graduation. Second, the Monthly and Semesterly academic status report submission data for this semester was released. About 40 students who had not submitted the Monthly and Semesterly academic status reports were given academic warnings and advised to take the submission of these reports seriously. Thirdly, Ms. Xu, an international student counselor, gave clear tips on relevant matters that all graduate students should pay attention to during the winter vacation, and put forward corresponding regulations for students to follow during the vacation.


Since the beginning of 2019, our college has implemented a supervision system for the academic management of postgraduate students. It uses monthly and semesterly academic status reports to manage the progress of students' scientific research and daily learning. Through spot checks, the college can learn about the completion of a student’s academic plans, their studies and research. Non complaint students are usually called to the office for academic talks and counselling. This helps the college to solve students’ problems and also allows students to put forward reasonable suggestions to improve the overall quality of learning and strengthen the ability to collaborate with supervisors in scientific research work.


(Photography: RAIN)

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