Chinese Language Requirements

Time: 2019-12-26 09:23:08 | Click:14

Dear postgraduate students, please note that according to the regulation notice number 教外〔2018〕50号教育部关于印发《来华留学生高等教育质量规范(试行)》 (2018-10-09) by the Ministry of Education of China. Foreign students taught in Chinese should have passed HSK level 5 (At least 180 marks) and those taught in English should have passed HSK 3 (At least 180) by the time of graduation. This will be applicable starting from students enrolled in 2019. And we encourage other students to study Chinese and pass HSK level 3, if you have HSK level 3 or higher-level certificate, you will have an advantage in the awards and evaluations. 

This is a reminder for all postgraduate students enrolled at CUPB in the year 2019 to plan their time accordingly and take their required HSK exams in time before graduation time.  

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