Zhiming Chen

College of Chemical Engineering and Environment


Associate Professor

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering


Research Areas

  • Theory and Technology of Unconventional Oil and Gas Production

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  Research Group Introduction

  • I am delighted to work with students who have interests in well testing, numerical simulation, or fracture evaluations. 


  1. Chen Z, Liao X, Zhao X, et al. A Finite-Conductivity Horizontal-Well Model for Pressure-Transient Analysis in Multiple-Fractured Horizontal Wells[J]. SPE Journal, 2017, SCI/EI     

  2. Chen Z, Liao X, Zhao X, et al. A semianalytical approach for obtaining type curves of multiple-fractured horizontal wells with secondary-fracture networks[J]. SPE Journal, 2016, SCI/EI

  3. Chen Z, Liao X, Zhao X, et al. Development of a Trilinear-Flow Model for Carbon Sequestration in Depleted Shale[J]. SPE Journal, 2016, SCI/EI

  4. Chen, Z., Liao, X., Sepehrnoori, et al. A Semi-Analytical Model for Pressure Transient Analysis of Fractured Wells in Unconventional Plays with Arbitrarily Distributed Fracture Networks. SPE ATCE, 2017

  5. Chen, Z., Liao, X., & Zhao, X. (2019). A practical methodology for production-data analysis of single-phase unconventional wells with complex fracture geometry. SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering, 22(02), 458-476.


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