Yaru Xue

College of Information Science and Engineering


Associate Professor

Information and Communication Engineering


Research Areas

  • Intelligent Information Processing

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  Research Group Introduction 

  • This team focuses on sparse representations of signals. Students are expected to have a solid foundation in mathematics and signal processing.


  1. Xue yaru, Jitao Ma, Xiaohong ,Chen. High-order sparse Radon transform for AVO-preserving data reconstruction. GEOPHYSICS 79, 2(2014), V13-V22 

  2. Yaru Xue, Fanglan Chang, Dong Zhang, Yangkang Chen. Simultaneous source separation via an iterative rank-increasing method. IEEE Geosciences and remote sending letters, Dec.2016,13(12) :1915-1919

  3. YaruXue  MeixiMan  ShaohuanZu  FanglanChang  YangkangChen Amplitude-preserving iterative  deblending of simultaneous source seismic data using high-order Radon transform. 2017, Journal of applied geophysics,139, April, 79-90


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