Yongmin Zhang

College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering



Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics


Research Areas

    Multiphase Flow Theory and Separation Technology

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   Research Group Introduction

  • This team aims to use experimental and numerical simulation methods to study the basic problems of gas-solid fluidization, and develop new process enhancement technologies that can be applied to industrial gas-solid fluidization reaction systems.

  • Recepients of the Chinese Government Scholarship and applicants with a background in Chemical Engineering will be considered first.



  1. Zhang Yongmin*, Wei Qing, 2017. CPFD simulation of bed-to-wall heat transfer in a gas-solids bubbling fluidized bed with an immersed vertical tube. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification. 116: 17-28. (IF="2.234)

  2. Zhang Yongmin*, 2016. Discussions on particle flux measurement in gas-solids risers. International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, 14(1): 527?532, ISSN (Online) 1542-6580, ISSN (Print) 2194-5748, DOI: 10.1515/ijcre-2015-0162. (IF="0.759)"

  3. 张永民*, 禹淞元, 2015. 新型催化裂化槽式待生剂分配器的冷模实验. 石油学报(石油加工). 31(5): 1164?1170.

  4. Liu Duiping, Zhang Shuhao, Zhang Yongmin*, Grace John R., 2017. Forces on an immersed horizontal slat during starting up a fluidized bed. Chemical Engineering Science. 173C: 402-410. (IF= 2.895)

  5. 王蒙, 梁咏诗, 王浩南, 张永民*, 2017. 催化剂汽提器临界固泛流率的研究. 炼油技术与工程. 47(3): 50–55.

  6.  Liu Duiping, Zhang Shuhaog, Wang Ruoyi, Zhang Yongmin*, 2017. Dynamic forces on a horizontal slat immersed in a fluidized bed of fine particles. Chemical Engineering Research and Design. 117: 604–613. (IF="2.538" )


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