Feng Xu

College of Information Science and Engineering


Associate Professor

Control Science and Engineering


Research Areas

  • Systems Engineering


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   Research Group Introduction

  • My team's main research areas are Process Margin Analysis and Conventional Control System Structure and Parameter Design.


  1. Xu F, Luo X, Wang R. Design margin and control performance analysis of a fluid catalytic cracking unit regenerator under model predictive control. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2014, 53(37): 14339-14350.

  2. .Xu F, Cao P, Luo X. Regulator configuration design by means of model predictive control. Journal of Process Control, 2015, 28(1): 95-103.

  3. Xu F, Wang Y, Luo X. An adaptive soft sensor based on nonlinear differential-algebraic observer for chemical processes. IEEE Sensors Journal. 2015, 15(6): 3249-3257.

  4. Xu F, Jiang H, Wang R, Luo X. Influence of design margin on operation optimization and control performance of chemical processes. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2014, 22(1): 51-58. 

  5. .Xu F, Wang Y, Luo X. Soft sensor for inputs and parameters using nonlinear singular state observer in chemical processes. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2013, 21(9): 1038-1047.