Chong Chen

College of Information Science and Engineering



Information and Communication Engineering

Research Areas

  • Intelligent Information Processing

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  1. Chen, C., Chen, D., Yan, Y., Zhang, G., Zhou, Q., & Zhou, R. (2018). Integration of numerical model and cloud computing. Future Generation Computer Systems, 79, 396-407, doi:   

  2. Chen, C., Shen, J., Zhang, G., Zhao, R., Liu, J., & Zhou, Q. A Groundwater Management Tool for Solving the Pumping Yields Minimization Problem: A Case Study in the Heihe River Basin. In 2016 International Conference on Advanced Cloud and Big Data (CBD), 13-16 Aug. 2016 2016 (pp. 289-295). doi:10.1109/CBD.2016.057.                   

  3. Zhou, Q., Chen, C., Zhang, G., Chen, H., Chen, D., Yan, Y., Shen, J., Zhou, R. (2018). Real-Time Management of Groundwater Resources Based on Wireless Sensors Networks, 7(4), doi: 10.3390/jsan7010004.                                         

  4. Li, Y., Chen, C., Zhou, J., Zhang, G., & Chen, X. (2016). Dual state-parameter simultaneous estimation using localised ensemble Kalman filter and application in environmental model. International Journal of Embedded Systems, 8(1), 93-103.


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