Haiyang Yu

College of Petroleum Engineering


Associate Professor

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering


Research Areas

  • Theory and Application of Oil and Gas Flow Through Porous Media

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery and Oil Production Chemistry

  • Theory and Technology of Unconventional Oil and Gas Production


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   Research Group Introduction

  • The team's main research areas are low permeability, tight, shale oil and gas reservoir development and enhanced oil recovery. Enrollment requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in petroleum engineering ;

  • Good  attitude towards study and research.


  1.  Feasibility study of improved unconventional reservoir performance with carbonated water and surfactant. Energy, 182 (2019) 135-147.

  2.  Application of cumulative-in-situ-injection-production technology to supplement hydrocarbon recovery among fractured tight oil reservoirs: A case study in Changqing Oilfield, China. FUEL, 242 (2019) 804-818. 

  3. Simulation study of allied in-situ injection and production for enhancing shale oil recovery and CO2 emission control. Energies, 2019, 12, 3961; doi:10.3390/en12203961

  4. A compositional model for CO2 flooding including CO2 equilibria between water and oil using the Peng-Robinson equation of state with the Wong-Sandler mixing rule. Petroleum Science, (2019) 16: 874-889.


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