Qiang Liu

College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering


Associate Professor

Thermal Power Engineering


Research Areas

  • Development and Utilization of Clean Energy

  • Thermal Process Optimization and System Energy Saving


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   Research Group Introduction

  • My research is mainly focused on thermal energy and power technologies and their fundamental thermodynamic, thermophysical properties and heat transfer. I am particularly interested in developing novel energy systems using fossil fuel and technologies to utilize low-grade heat sources such as geothermal energy, solar thermal energy, industrial waste heat, and ocean thermal energy, including but not limited to the topics as follows:    

  • Ultra-supercritical power plant (system design and parametric optimization)

  • Renewable energy utilization (geothermal, solar, and ocean thermal energy)

  • Organic Rankine Cycle and Kalina Cycle power generation systems   

  • Thermophysical properties for new refrigerants

  • Combined cooling, heat and power systems (cogeneration or trigeneration)   

  • Integrated energy systems 


  1. Liu Q*, Shang LL, Duan YY. Performance analyses of a hybrid geothermal-fossil power generation system using low-enthalpy geothermal resources. Applied Energy, 2016, 162: 149-162.

  2. Sun J, Liu Q*, Duan YY. Effects of evaporator pinch point temperature difference on thermo-economic performance of geothermal organic Rankine cycle systems. Geothermics, 2018, 75: 249-258.

  3. Liu Q*, Shen AJ, Duan YY. Parametric optimization and performance analyses of geothermal organic Rankine cycles using R600a/R601a mixtures as working fluids. Applied Energy, 2015, 148: 410-420.

  4. Liu Q, Duan YY, Yang Z. Effect of condensation temperature glide on the performance of organic Rankine cycles with zeotropic mixture working fluids. Applied Energy, 2014, 115: 394-404.

  5. Liu Q, Feng XJ, Zhang K, An BL, Duan YY. Vapor pressure and gaseous speed of sound measurements for isobutane (R600a). Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2014, 382: 260-269. 


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