Heming Wang

College of Chemical Engineering and Environment


Associate Professor

Environmental Science and Engineering (Engineering)


Research Areas

  • Energy and Environment

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  1. Zhang B, Jiao W*, Wang H*. Chapter 9: Bioelectrochemical systems for heavy metal pollution control and resource recovery. 2019

  2. Wang H*, Song X, Zhang H, Tan P, Kong F. Removal of hexavalent chromium in dual-chamber microbial fuel cells separated by different ion exchange membranes.2019, J. Hazard Mater.

  3. Wang H, Ren Z. Bioelectrochemical platform for sustainable environmental remediation and energy generation. Biotechnol. Adv., 2015, 33: 317-334. 

  4. Wang H, Park J, Ren Z. Practical energy harvesting for microbial fuel cells: A review. Environ. Sci. Technol., 2015, 49: 3267-3277.


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