Tongjing Liu

The Unconventional Petroleum Research Institute


Associate Professor

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

  • Oil and Gas Well Chemistry and Engineering


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   Additional Requirements for Prospective Applicants

  • Applicants should have a good command of English Language with good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

  • Interested in oil and gas field development;

  • Have a solid background in geology and oil reservoir knowledge;

  • Applicants with Chinese communication skills or have published journal articles have an added advantage.


  1. Liu Tongjing et al., 2014, Fast Algorithm of Numerical Solutions for Strong Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations; Advances in Mechanical Engineering, DOI: 10.1155/2014/936490.(SCI收录)

  2. Liu Tongjing et al., 2014, Theoretical Simulation Study on Controlling Factors in Horizontal Well CO2 Stimulation of Heavy Oil, Advances in Mechanical Engineering; Advances in Mechanical Engineering, DOI: 10.1155/2014/695042. (SCI收录)

  3. 刘同敬等, 多孔介质中示踪剂渗流的油藏特征色谱效应, 重庆大学学报, 2013, 36(9): 58-63.

  4. 刘同敬等, 多孔介质中示踪剂微观可视化实验研究, 断块油气田, 2013, 20(4): 530-534.

  5. 刘同敬等, 井间示踪测试组合解释方法研究, 中国矿业, 2013, 22:210-213.


  1. 刘同敬,一种低渗透油藏调剖堵水选井决策方法,ZL201310189805.0

  2. 刘同敬,一种油气藏数值模拟计算方法,ZL201310188684.8

  3. 刘同敬,一种稠油热采直井试井解释方法,ZL201310079396.9

  4. 刘同敬,一种稠油热采水平井试井解释方法,ZL201310080017.84. 

  5. 刘同敬,测定亚甲基蓝在聚合物溶液中轴向弥散系数的装置及方法,ZL 201210015472.5

  6. 刘同敬,测定亚甲基蓝在聚合物溶液中轴向弥散系数的装置,ZL201220024720.8


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