Quan Xu

College of New Energy and Materials



Chemical Engineering and Technology


Research Areas

    New Materials and Catalyst Engineering

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  • The team has 1 Professor, 1 lecturer, 15 Ph.D & masters students, and plans to recruit students in unconventional fracturing oil and gas interface regulation and evaluation, biology and bionic technology; high-yield two-dimensional quantum dots and fluorescent hydrogels for oil and gas tracer, medicine Applied Master and Doctoral Students in Orthopaedics.


  1. Quan Xu*, Meng Xu, Chunyu Lin, Qiang Zhao, Rui Zhang, Xiaoxiao Dong, Yida Zhang, Shouceng Tian, Yu Tian,* Zhenhai Xia* “Metal Coordination Mediated Strengthening and Fast Self-Healing in Mussel Byssus Cuticle” Advanced Science 2019, Doi: 10.1002/advs.201902043 

  2. Ming Li, Weijun Li, Wei Cai, Xiaojie Zhang, Zhihang Wang, Jason Street, Weejun Ong,* Zhenhai Xia, Quan Xu* “A self-healing hydrogel with pressure sensitive photoluminescence for remote force measurement and healing assessment” Materials Horizons, 2019, 6, 703-710

  3. Ya Liu, Miaoran Zhang, Yanfen Wu, Rui Zhang, Yi Cao, Xiaqing Xu, Xi Chen, Lulu Cai,* Quan Xu* “Multicolor Tunable Highly Luminescent Carbon Dots for Remote Force Measurement and White Light Emitting Diode” Chemical Communications, 2019, 55, 12164 – 12167

  4. Quan Xu, Yiyang Wan, Travis Shihao Hu, Tony X. Liu, Dashuai Tao, Peter H. Niewiarowski, Yu Tian, Yue Liu, Liming Dai, Yanqing Yang and Zhenhai Xia*, “Robust Self-cleaning and Micromanipulation Capabilities of Nano-pads of Gecko Spatulae and their Bio-mimics”, Nature Communications , 6, 8949, 2015

  5. Quan Xu*, Peng Pu, Jungang Zhao, Yao Liu, Chenbo Dong, Chun Gao, Yusheng Chen, Jiarui Chen, Hongjun Zhou, “Preparation of highly photoluminescent sulfur-doped carbon dots for Fe (III) detection”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A , 3, 542-54, 2015


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