Jiangyun Wang

College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering


Associate Professor

Chemical Process Equipment


Research Areas

  • Oil and Gas Well Chemistry and Engineering

  • Petrochemical Process Equipment

    Personal Profile 

   Research Group Introduction

  • 1. Based on the theory of multiphase flow, our team uses experimental and numerical simulation methods to study the separation process of multiphase flow, combustion and enhanced heat transfer, multiphase flow corrosion erosion process analysis and damage prediction, and develop new technologies for process enhancement.

  • 2. Recepients of the Chinese Government Scholarship and applicants with a background in Chemical Engineering will be considered first.


  1. 王江云*,彭贤强,刘玲莉,李雅琴,王娟,高压天然气多孔节流效应及冲蚀特性分析,石油学报(石油加工),2018.5.25,34(3):521~529

  2. 高助威,王江云*,王娟,毛羽,魏耀东,蜗壳式旋风分离器内部流场空间的涡分析,化工学报,2017.8,68(8):3006~3010

  3. Feng Liuhai,Liu Meili,Wang Jiangyun,Sun Jin,Wang Juan,Mao Yu,Study on the flow instability of a spray granulation tower Separation and Purification Technology,2016.9.1,169:210~222

  4. 王宇,王江云*,许双双,陈春茂,马静园,郭绍辉,高效厌氧生物反应器内的湍流特性及结构优化,石油学报(石油加工),2016.6.25,32(3):614~621

  5. Xiang Yong,Yan Wei,Wang Jiangyun,Solubility of oxygen in various alkanolamine-water solutions at low partial pressure,Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering,2016.2.01,11(1):158~160


  1. 油气井测试放喷用气液分离器,201620413309.8

  2. 催化裂化装置进料喷嘴,201310545464.6

  3. 油气井测试用多孔油嘴,201620935365.8

  4. FCC沉降器内粗旋与顶旋之间的新型连接方式及构件,201210126277.X

  5. 油气井测试放喷用双锥排液型气液分离器 201720471480.9

  6. 高效节流抗冲蚀针型可调油嘴 CN201720538270.7


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