Yumo Wang

College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering


Associate Professor

Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering


Research Areas

  • Multiphase Pipe Flow and Oil & Gas Field Gathering and Transportation Technology

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   Research Group Introduction

  • Mainly engaged in engineering technology research of pipeline product quality assurance, pipeline erosion, adhesion and adhesion, flow resistance reduction, and other basic research in solid-liquid interface, elastic-fluid-solid coupling, and contact mechanics.

  • Associate Prof. Yumo Wang Joined the School of Mechanical Engineering of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in 2017 and is responsible for teaching and research in the field of oil and gas storage and transportation engineering. In 2018, he was recruited by the school's young talents program. In the past 3 years, he has published 3 papers  in the SCI T2 in journals, and the research results have been cited 65 times in 3 years, including 3 times by academicians of the American Academy of Sciences.Associate Prof. Yumo Wang has publications in Physical Review Letters, a top journal in physics.

  • Associate Prof. Yumo Wang is interested in recruiting masters students who have a strong interest in scientific research and have a good foundation.


  1. Wang, Y., Dhong, C., Frechette, J.* “Large Out-of-contact Elastohydrodynamic Deformation Due to Lubrication Forces.” Physical Review Letters, 2015, 115, 248302. Featured on “Editors’ Suggestions”.

  2. Wang, Y., Pilkington, G.A., Dhong, C., Frechette, J.* “Elastic Deformation During Dynamic Force Measurements in Viscous Fluids.” Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, 2017, 27, 43-49

  3. Wang, Y., Tan, M., Frechette, J.* “Elastic Deformation of Soft Coatings Due to Lubrication Forces.” Soft Matter, 2017, 13, 6718-6729

  4. Wang, Y., Frechette, J. * “Morphology of Soft and Rough Contact via Fluid Drainage.” Soft Matter, 2018, 14, 7605-7614

  5. Tan, M., Wang, Y.*, Frechette, J.* “Criterion for particle rebound during wet collisions on elastic coatings.” Physical Review Fluids, 2019, 4, 084305


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