Di Zhu

College of Science


Associate Professor



Research Areas

  • Inorganic Chemistry 


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  1. Zhu, Di*;Sharma, Arzoo Z.; Wiebe, Christopher R.;Budzelaar, Peter H.M. "Rhodium(II) dimers without metal-metal bonds", Dalton  Transactions, 44(30), pp13460-13463, 2015

  2. Zhu, Di; Kozera, Daniel J.; Enns, Kelly .D.; Budzelaar, Peter H.M.*, “ Cascade Si-H, C-H and Si-C Bond Activation at a Rhodium β-diiminate”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition,第 51卷,第49期, 12211-12214页,2012年.

  3. Zhu, Di; Korobkov, Ilia; Budzelaar, Peter H.M.*, “Radical Mechanisms in the Reaction ofOrganic Halides with Diiminepyridine Cobalt Complexes”, Organometallics, 第31卷,第10期, 3958 - 3971页,2012 年. (IF= 4.145)

  4. Zhu, Di; Thapa, Indira; Korobkov, Ilia; Gambarotta, Sandro; Budzelaar, Peter H.M.*,“Redox-active ligands and organic radical chemistry”, Inorganic Chemistry, 第50卷


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