Xiaodong Hu

The Unconventional Petroleum Research Institute


Research associate

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering


Research Areas

  • Oil and Gas Field Development Theory and System Engineering    

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   Research Group Introduction

  • My research interests are mainly on the petroleum-related rock mechanics and fluid mechanics issues, including rock breaking mechanisms in drilling engineering, hydraulic fracturing.



  1. Xiaodong Hu, Kan Wu, Xianzhi Song, Wei Yu, Lihua Zuo, Gensheng Li, Zhonghou Shen. Development of A New Mathematical Model to Quantitatively Evaluate Equilibrium Height of Proppant Bed in Hydraulic Fractures For Slickwater Treatment. SPE Journal. 2018. 23(06):2158-2174

  2.  Xiaodong Hu, Kan Wu, Gensheng Li, Jizhou Tang, Zhonghou Shen. Effect of Proppant Addition Schedule on the Proppant Distribution in a Straight Fracture for Slickwater Treatment. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 2018, 167: 110-119)

  3. Xiaodong Hu, Kan Wu, Xianzhi Song, Wei Yu, Jizhou Tang, Gensheng Li, Zhonghou Shen. A New Model for Simulating Particle Transport in a Low-viscosity Fluid for Fluid-driven Fracturing. AIChE Journal, 2018 64: 3542-3552. 

  4. Xiaodong Hu, Xianzhi Song, Gensheng Li, Zhonghou Shen, Zehao Lyu, Yu Shi. Shape Factor of the Flake-like Particle in Thermal Spallation and its Effects on Settling and Transport Behavior in Drilling Annulus. Powder Technology. 2018, 335: 211-221.

  5. Xiaodong Hu, Xianzhi Song, Gensheng Li, Zhonghou Shen, Zehao Lyu, Yu Shi, Rui Zheng. An Analytical Model to Evaluate the Heating Conditions for Drilling in Hard Rock using an Innovative Hydrothermal Spallation Method. Applied Thermal Engineering, 2018,142: 709-716. 


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