Dong Chen

College of Petroleum Engineering


Associate Professor

Oil and Gas Well Drilling Engineering

Research Areas

  • Oil and Gas Well Fluid Mechanics and Engineering


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   Experience and Research 

  • I am an associate professor at China University of Petroleum - Beijing, College of Petroleum Engineering. I obtained his PhD degree at The University of Western Australia and then worked as a research associate at Imperial College London.

  • My main research interest is on smart drilling, including intelligent well path planning and navigation, drilling visualization, intelligent formation and risk identification. I made academic contributions to unconventional reservoir petrophysics and simulation.


  1. Chen D., Ye Z.*, Pan Z., Tan Y., Li H., 2019. Theoretical models to predict gas adsorption capacity on moist coal. Energy Fuels 33, 2908-2914. (SCI)

  2. Chen D.*, Pan Z., Ye Z., Hou B., Wang Di, Yuan L., 2016. A unified permeability and effective stress relationship for porous and fractured reservoir rocks. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 29, 401-412. (SCI)

  3. Chen D. *, Pan Z., Shi J.Q., Si G., Ye Z., Zhang J., 2016. A novel approach for modelling coal permeability during transition from elastic to post-failure state using a modified logistic growth function. International Journal of Coal Geology 163, 132-139. (SCI) 

  4. Chen D., Pan Z.*, Ye Z., 2015. Dependence of gas shale fracture permeability on effective stress and reservoir pressure: Model match and insights. Fuel 139, 383-392. (SCI) 

  5. Chen D., Ye Z.*, Pan Z., Zhou Y., Zhang J., 2017. A permeability model for the hydraulic fracture filled with proppant packs under combined effect of compaction and embedment. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 149, 428-435. (SCI)


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