Xianzhi Song

College of Petroleum Engineering


Associate Professor

Oil and Gas Well Drilling Engineering


Research Areas

  • Oil and Gas Well Mechanics and Control Engineering

  • Multiphase fluid mechanics

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  1. Xianzhi Song*, Yu Shi, Gensheng Li, Ruiyue Yang, Gaosheng Wang, Rui Zheng, Jiacheng Li, Zehao Lyu. Numerical simulation of heat extraction performance in enhanced geothermal system with multilateral wells[J]. Applied Energy, 2018, 218: 325-337.

  2. Xianzhi Song*, Yu Shi, Gensheng Li, Zhonghou Shen, Xiaodong Hu, Zehao Lyu, Rui Zheng, Gaosheng Wang. Numerical Analysis of the Heat Production Performance of a Closed Loop Geothermal System[J]. Renewable Energy, 2018,120: 365-378.

  3. XianzhiSong*,YuShi,GenshengLi,RuiyueYang,ZhengmingXu,RuiZheng,GaoshengWang,ZehaoLyu. Heat Extraction Performance Simulation for Various Configurations of a Downhole Heat Exchanger Geothermal System[J]. Energy, 2017, 141: 1489-1503.

  4. Song Xianzhi*, Li Gensheng, Xu Zhengming, Wang Mengshu, S.N. Shah, Pang Zhaoyu.Experimental study on the wellbore cleaning efficiency of microhole horizontal well drilling. SPE Journal, 2017, doi:10.2118/185965-PA.

  5. Xianzhi Song*, Gensheng Li, Zhongwei Huang, Shouceng Tian, Haizhu Wang. Mechanism and Characteristics of Horizontal-Wellbore Cleanout by Annular Helical Flow[J]. Spe Journal, 2014, 19(1):45-54.


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