Yan Ye

College of Petroleum Engineering


Oil and Gas Well Drilling Engineering


Research Areas

  • Oil and Gas Well Chemistry and Engineering


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   Research Group Introduction

  • Our team is dedicated to the research of working fluids in high-temperature and high-pressure complex structural wells, research on reservoir damage in ultra-deep tight fractured gas reservoirs, and the research on resource utilization of oil and gas field operating waste.

  • Students who are interested in  new materials and new process oilfield chemistry are welcome to join


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  2. Ye Yan, Yan Jienian etal. A new laboratory method for evaluating formation damage in fractured carbonate reservoirs. Petroleum Science [J]. 2008,( 5) 1:45-51

  3. 叶艳、鄢捷年,“碳酸盐岩裂缝性储层损害评价新方法研究”, 石油学报, 2008, 29(5), 752-756 

  4. 叶艳,钻完井液用H2S祛除剂研究,钻采工艺,2010,12

  5. 叶艳,钻井液对碳酸盐岩裂缝性储层的侵入预测模型研究,石油学报,2011年,32(3)


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