Yang Liu

College of Geophysics



Geological Resources and Geological Engineering


Research Areas

  • Geophysical Exploration

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   Research Group Introduction

  • Prof. Liu has been mainly engaged in the research of seismic modeling and migration, multi-component seismic exploration, seismic inversion and artificial intelligence.

  • He has published 160 journal papers including 68 SCI papers, 89 international conference papers.

  • He is a member of SEG Research Committee, a member of Committee on University and Student Programs (CUSP) of SEG, an associate editor of  Geophysics (SEG journal).

  • He welcomes students majored in geophysics to join his team and pursue master or PhD degree. Students with strong mathematical and geophysical foundation and programming ability can play a greater role in the team.


  1. Liu Yang, Sen Mrinal K., 2009, A new time-space domain high-order finite-difference method for the acoustic wave equation, Journal of Computational Physics, 228(23), 8779-8806.  

  2. Liu Yang, Sen Mrinal K., 2009, An implicit staggered-grid finite-difference method for seismic modeling, Geophysical Journal International, 179(1): 459-474.  

  3. Liu Yang, Sen Mrinal K., 2010, A hybrid scheme for absorbing edge reflections in numerical modeling of wave propagation, Geophysics, 75(2): A1-A6.  

  4. Liu Yang, Sen Mrinal K., 2011, Finite-difference modeling with adaptive variable-length spatial operators, Geophysics, 76(4): T79-T89.   

  5. Liu Yang, 2013, Globally optimal finite-difference schemes based on least squares, Geophysics, 78(4), T113-T132.


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