Shenglai Yang

College of Petroleum Engineering



Oil-Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

  • Theory and Application of Oil and Gas Flow Through Porous Media

  • Oil and Gas Field Development Theory and System Engineering

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  • Good foundation in mathematics, mechanics and physics, with a background in petroleum engineering


  1. S. L. Yang , H. Chen , D. Z. Hang , H. Lu , X. Zhang & S. B. Lv (2013): Mechanism of Produced Gas Reinjection During CO2 Flooding by Chromatographic Analysis, Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 34:3, 342-346, EI检索号:30131016088028; SCI检索号:00031568370001

  2. Yang S.L. Wu X..H., Wang Y. X., Yang X. Y., Chen H., Li L.C., Zhang X.. Lu H. Wax deposition in pores and the permeability changes for high-wax crude in a sandstone reservoir. Petroleum Science and technology 2013, 31(18): 1891-1898. (JCR四区,SCI检索号:000322308000010,EI检索号:20133316614778)

  3. Yang Shenglai, Sheng zhichao, Liu wenhui, Song zhixue, Wu ming, Zhang jianwei. Evaluation and Prevention of Formation Damage in Offshore Sandstone Reservoir in China,Petroleum Science, 2008.5(4):340-347

  4. Wang, Lu; Yang, Shenglai;Peng, Xian; Deng, Hui; Meng, Zhan; Qian, Kun ; Wang, Zhilin;Lei, Hao An improved visual investigation on gas-water flow characteristics and trapped gas formation mechanism of fracture-cavity carbonate gas reservoir JOURNAL OF NATURAL GAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2018 卷:49;页: 213-226 SCI

  5. Teng Wan1,2, Shenglai Yang1,2,*, Lu Wang1,2, and Liting Sun1,2,Experimental investigation of two-phase relative permeability of gas and water for tight gas carbonate under different test conditions,Oil & Gas Science and Technology - Rev. IFP Energies nouvelles 74, 23 (2019)


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