Yongxue Zhang

College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering



Thermal Power Engineering


Research Areas

  • Thermal Process Optimization and System Energy Saving

  • Fluid and Power Machinery Theory and Design

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  1. Zhang Yongxue, Zhou Xin, Ji Zhongli and Jiang Cuiwei. Numerical Design and Performance Prediction of Low Specific Speed Centrifugal Pump Impeller [J]. International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems. 2011, 4(1):133-139.                      

  2. Yongxue Zhang, Jinya Zhang, Hongwu Zhu, Shujie Cai. 3D Blade Hydraulic Design Method of the Rotodynamic Multiphase Pump Impeller and Performance Research. Advances in Mechanical Engineering. 2014.

  3. Song Pengfei, Zhang Yongxue, Xu Cong, Zhou, Xin, Zhang, Jinya. Numerical studies on cavitation behavior in impeller of centrifugal pump with different blade profiles. International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems. 2015, 8(2):94-101.

  4. Hou Hucan, Zhang Yongxue, Li Zhenlin. A numerical research on energy loss evaluation in a centrifugal pump system based on local entropy production method. Thermal Science. 2017, 21(3):1287-1299.

  5. Wang Cong, Zhang Yongxue, Li Zhiwei, Xu Ao, Xu Chang, Shi Zhicheng. Pressure fluctuation–vortex interaction in an ultra-low specific-speed centrifugal pump. Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control. 2019, 38(2):527-543. DOI: 10.1177/1461348418817697


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