Lei Zhang

College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering


Associate Professor

Thermal Power Engineering


Research Areas

  • Thermal Process Modelling, Optimization and System Energy Saving    

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  1. Zhang, L., et al., A reduced reaction mechanism of biodiesel surrogates with low temperature chemistry for multidimensional engine simulation, Combustion and Flame, 2020

  2. Zhang, L., Parallel simulation of engine in-cylinder processes with conjugate heat transfer modeling, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2018

  3. Zhang, L., Simulation of the transient flow in a natural gas compression system using a high-order upwind scheme considering the real-gas behaviors, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Technology, 2016

  4. Zhang, L. and Kong, S.-C., Vaporization Modeling of Bio-oil and Its Mixtures with Other Fuels using a Hybrid Multicomponent Approach. Fuel, 2012

  5. Zhang, L. and Kong, S.-C., High-Pressure Vaporization Modeling of Multi-Component Petroleum-Biofuel Mixtures under Engine Conditions. Combustion and Flame, 2011


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