Yongtu Liang

College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering



Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering


Research Areas

  • Oil and Gas Long Distance Pipeline Transportation Technology

  • Oil and Gas Storage & Transportation and Urban Distribution Systems Engineering


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   Research Group Introduction

  • My team's main research areas are long-distance pipeline transportation technology, multiphase pipeline flow, and oil and gas field gathering and transportation technology.


  1. Water transport system optimisation in oilfields: Environmental and economic benefits                 

  2. A two-stage improved genetic algorithm-particle swarm optimization algorithm for optimizing the pressurization scheme of coal bed methane gathering networks

  3. Improved PSO-Based Method for Leak Detection and Localization in Liquid Pipelines                               

  4. 中国石油和化工自动化行业科学技术奖一等奖(第一完成人)                                                            

  5. 中石化科技部进步二等奖(第二完成人)


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