Shenghe Wu

College of Geosciences



Geological Resources and Geological Engineering

Research Areas

  • Oil Geology

  • Reservoir characterization and modeling

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    Research Group Introduction 

  • Project of National High Technology Research and Development Plan (863 Plan), Research on 3D Modeling Technology of Internal Structure of Reservoir, 2008-2010. The fund is 0.94 million yuan, and the person in charge.

  • Research on the special scientific research fund for doctoral disciplines in colleges and universities, and the model fitting method of underground reservoir structure prediction and modeling. 2007-2009. Funding 60,000 yuan, person in charge.

  • A sub-project of the National Oil and Gas Major Project, research on complex reservoir configuration and its control effect on fluid movement. 2009-2010. Funding of 3.4 million yuan, person in charge.

  • PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company ’s scientific and technological research project, the microscopic characteristics of reservoirs in the Yanchang Formation in Longdong area and favorable reservoir prediction. 2009-2011. Funded 2 million yuan, person in charge

  • Scientific and Technological Research Project of PetroChina Daqing Oilfield Company, Study on Sand Structures and Flow Units in the Western Channels of the Second North District, 2007-2008. The fund is 1.03 million yuan.

  • Scientific and technological research project of Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Company, research on prediction model of remaining oil in complex rhythmic reservoirs, 2005-2006, 400,000 yuan, person in charge

  • Construction of National Excellent Course "Oil Geology", Ministry of Education, 2010-2015;

  • Construction of Beijing Off-School Talent Training Base "Petroleum Exploration and Development Talent Dagang Oilfield Training Base", Beijing Municipal Education Commission, 2010-2015

  • Research on the Optimization of the Curriculum System for the Development of Geology, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), 2007-2009

  • Research on the Optimization of Oil Mine Geology Teaching System, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), 2005-2006.

  • Research on Optimization of Teaching Methods of Oil Geology, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), 2002-2004


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