Jiuxiang Yang

School of Economics and Management


Associate Professor

Enterprise Management


Research Areas

  • Human resources management,

  • Strategic management

  • Corporate ethics and social responsibility

   Personal Profile 

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   Research Group Introduction 

   Some of my research work and projects over the years are;

  • Participated in the completion of "Restructuring and Sustainable Development of the CNPC Petrochemical Industry Industrial Structure"

  • "Research on Development Strategy of CNPC Engineering Design Co., Ltd."

  • "Research on Development Strategy of Tarim Oilfield after Joining WTO"

  • "Petroleum Nationalization in South America Research projects on the opportunities and risks of CNPC.

  • Research on the international competitiveness of China National Offshore Oil Corporation's scientific and technological innovation and research on the model and mechanism of scientific and technological cooperation.

  • Responsible for completing the key course construction project of China University of Petroleum (Beijing): "Key Course Construction in Management", "Undergraduate Professional Platform Course System of the School of Economics and Management" and "Research Methods and Practice of Basic Courses for Lower Grades"

  • "Business Administration Professional Construction Benchmarking Research",

  • "Marketing  (responsible for "course management  and construction") and other content.

   Representative Research Publications

  1. Study in CSR of Chinese Petroleum Enterprises from Perspective of HSE Management

  2. EVA与平衡计分卡业绩评价体系在石油石化企业中的应用研究——以JX石化公司为例

  3. 石油高校产学研合作发展现状及策略研究

  4. 加强科技管理提升石油企业科技竞争力

  5. 石油高校产学研合作模式典型案例研究——以中国石油大学(北京)为例

  6. 对建立可持续发展的石油石化工业产业结构模式的思考

  7. 新经济时代企业管理者角色的演变

  8. 团队研讨教学模式初探

  9. HSE管理体系保障行业和谐发展