Guoqing Han

College of Petroleum Engineering



Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

  • Theory and Technology of Oil Production Engineering


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   Research Group Introduction

  • Oil and gas engineering theory and technology, development of unconventional oil and gas fields, development of big data analysis software for petroleum engineering


  1. Han, G., Ma, G., Ling, K., 2018, " A New Transient Model to Simulate and Optimize Liquid Unloading with Coiled Tubing Conveyed Gas Lift ", In SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. Society of Petroleum Engineers. SPE-191716.

  2. Han, G., Ling, K. and Zhang, H., 2016, March. Smart De-Watering and Production System through Real-Time Water Level Surveillance for Coal-Bed Methane Natural Gas Science and Engineering ,  31 , pp.769-778.

  3. Han, G., Ling, K. and Zhang, H., 2016, January. The Optimization Approach of Casing Gas Assisted Rod Pumping System. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering , 32 , pp.205-210.

  4. Han, G., Zhang, H., Ling, K., 2016, "Experimental Study of Gas-Liquid-Coal Three-Phase Flow in Undulating Horizontal Wellbore", In SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. Society of Petroleum Engineers.SPE-181568.

  5. Han, G., Zhang, H., Ling, K. and Zhan, R., 2015. Study on Undulating Well in Anisotropic Reservoir by Semi-Analytical Method.  Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media: An International Journal , 6(1), pp.29-39.


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