Chuanfeng Zhao

The Unconventional Petroleum Research Institute


Research associate

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

Research Areas

  • Theory and Application of Oil and Gas Flow through Porous Medium

  • Oil and Gas Field Development Theory and System Engineering

  • Theory and Technology of Unconventional Oil and Gas Production


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   Research Group Introduction & Requirements

  • Our ongoing research Topics are listed below.

  • Geological engineering integration;

  • Fluid-solid-thermal coupling and seepage mechanism of deformed porous media;

  • Phase states of high temperature and high pressure fluids.

  • Additional  admissions requirements for interested candidates: Strong logical thinking ability, good at grasping core issues, Prior knowledge in CFD is an added advantage


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  2. Chuan Feng Zhao ,Sizing Conformance Control Treatment Based on Law of Gel Transportation Through Porous Media,Advances in Natural Science,2010,3(1):1-11.

  3. 赵传峰,姜汉桥,郭新华,支持向量机在小样本预测中的应用,油气田地面工程,2009,(02):21-23.

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  5. Chuanfeng Zhao,Employing Forced Distribution to Determine Permeability Limits between Ranking Levels of Petroleum Reservoir Layers, 2010 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering (CiSE 2010), 2010.

  6. Chuanfeng Zhao and Xiansong Zhang,Numerical simulation on sensitivity of gel treatment performance to physical and chemical properties, Resources, Environment and Engineering. Aug 2014 , 253 -258.


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