China University of Petroleum (Beijing) delegation participated in 2018 HSK Educ

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In order to enhance international student education, on October 26th-30th, 2018, a delegation from China University of Petroleum, Beijing participated in the 2018 HSK Education Exhibition which was hosted by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and BKPBM/ BOARD of Mandarin Education Coordination, and Co-organized by the Chinese embassy in Indonesia and the Ministry of Culture and Education of Indonesia. It was held in the Raffles Christian school in Jakarta. The visit included a trip to the Confucius Institute of Al Azhar University, IPEKA International School, Raffles College and BKPBM/ BOARD of Mandarin Education Coordination in Jakarta, and also attendance of the symposium.


On 28th Oct 2018, the headquarters of the Confucius Institute (Hanban) organized 15 top and well-known universities in China to participate in the HSK education exhibition. Zhou bin, the counselor of the cultural department of the Chinese embassy in Indonesia, and Yousuf, director of the training and counseling department of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Indonesia) attended the opening ceremony. Mr. Zheng Nianjin, a famous patriotic overseas Chinese, also met with representatives from the 15 universities and gave great support to the exhibition. On the same day, the Chinese language test organized by the Chinese language education comprehensive coordination office of the ministry of education and culture (Indonesia) and BKPBM/ BOARD of Mandarin Education Coordination were conducted simultaneously in 17 provinces and cities of Indonesia.


Remarks by zhou bin, counselor of the cultural department of the Chinese embassy in Indonesia

Zhou bin, the Counselor of the Cultural Department of the Chinese embassy in Indonesia, said the number of candidates has increased year by year since the implementation of the HSK test in Indonesia in 2001. Chinese language teaching and HSK examination are playing an increasingly important role in career planning and future development of Indonesian students.


At present, four Indonesian students in our university won the China petroleum university scholarship, Belt and Road Scholarship, and the Chinese government scholarship. In order to let more Indonesian students learn more about China and to understand our university, we took part in the fair and visited the local high school and universities to introduce our university development status and the different disciplines, and the student's application queries were answered on the spot. We have gained a deep understanding of Indonesian culture and local education, and this has laid a good foundation for future cooperation.


Mr. Yusuf, director of the training and guidance department of the Indonesian ministry of culture and education, learned about the development of CUPB from the representatives.  

During the exhibition, many students visited our booth for consultation. More Indonesian students are welcome to study in CUPB.

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