Chunxia Yu

School of Economics and Management


Associate Professor

Management Science and Engineering

Research Areas

  • Logistics and supply chain management

  • Data Mining and Business intelligence

  • Financial Engineering

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  Research Projects

  • National Science Foundation of China Youth Project, Research on Multi-Product Portfolio Procurement Considering Synergy Among Products, 71501187, 2016-2018, Status: Completed, Role: Chair 

  • Humanities and Social Science Youth Fund Project of the Ministry of Education, Research on Intelligent Procurement Decision-making Based on the Procurement Combination Auction Mechanism, 14YJC630179, 2014-2017, Status: Completed, Role: Chair 

  • China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Introduces Talent Research Startup Fund Project, Research on Supply Chain Procurement Decisions Based on Multi-Agent Considering Product Synergy, 2013-2016, Status: Completed, Role: Chair 



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