Unveiling ceremony of the “China University of Petroleum (Beijing) International

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On November 21st 2018, the signing and unveiling ceremony of “China University of Petroleum (Beijing) International Student Internship” jointly organized by China University of Petroleum (Beijing) College of International Education and Beijing CNPC Richfit Co., Ltd. was held at the China Petroleum Science and Technology Park.

At the ceremony, Yu Guoming, deputy general manager of CNPC Richfit, and Zhang Yongxue, dean of the College of International Education, respectively introduced the relevant situation on behalf of the company and the school. Both sidesexpressed their desire to strengthen the cooperation between the school and the enterprise on the basis of the existing cooperation and jointly cultivate highly competitive personnel.


Before the ceremony, the teachers and students of College of International Education visited the CNPC Real Time Operating Center (RTOC) and the China Petroleum Data Center (Changping) to learn about CNPC’s information construction.

So far, College of International Education and China National Petroleum Corporation has already carried out fruitful cooperation. CNPC Richfit has some specially issued overseas job requirements for international students from China University of Petroleum. Many students have submitted their resumes to the company. Two international students from Mexico and Ecuador are participating in the internship at the CNPC and some more students are in the process of being interviewed by the company.

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