Geological Resources and Geological Engineering

Program Introduction

Geological Resources and Geological Engineering is the discipline of geological resources exploration, evaluation, development and utilization. Geological Resources and Geological Engineering deals with the formation of mineral resources and their geological background, conditions of mineralization and the formation mechanism, rules of distribution, economic and technical characteristics, theory of evaluation of mineral exploration and system of technical methods, theory method and techniques for mineral resources evaluation, engineering survey, design and construction relating to the engineering of geological bodies; methods and techniques; theories and methods of prevention and control of geological disasters; geophysical response, processing and interpretation techniques of the observed geological body etc.

Program Overview

Core Courses

Modern Theory of Petroleum Accumulation,Log Inversion and Information Processing,Sequence Stratigraphy,Practical Seismic Interpretation

Teaching languages: Chinese, English

Tuition:36000 RMB/Year

Course start date:September

Course duration:Four Years

Application Deadline:May 30th

Research Areas

Oil-Gas Field Development Geology

Geophysical Well Logging

Computer Technology and Resource Information Engineering

Petroliferous Basin Analysis and Petroleum Resource Evaluation

Formation Mechanism and Distribution of Oil and Gas Reservoirs

Geophysical Exploration